To sustain people, profit, ecology, cattle and community

Objectives: Manage for wildlife habitat development using cattle as a tool to maximize grass production and profit for the business.


                           Ranch Guiding Principles:

  • Conserve and steward water, land and wildlife
  • Demonstrate compassionate care for people and animals
  • Be innovative, adaptive and flexible
  • Extend a spirit of friendship to all
  • Serve as community leaders
  • Continually strive to improve communication skills
  • Be good listeners and keep an open mind
  • Host an annual educational event
  • Teach children the importance of agriculture
  • Foster PRIDE in everything we do


The Ute Creek Cattle Company is owned by Tuda Libby Crews. Her family has owned the land for more than 200 years and she is proud of her family’s heritage tied to this ranch. A Spanish word best describes Tuda’s love of the land “Querencia” means an intangible fondness and deep connection to something loved and cherished.